Metamorphic Geology

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Metamorphism around igneous bodies. Minerals and microstructures. Case study of the Bushveld aureole.

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Metamorphism in Collisional Mountain Belts

Mineral assemblages and processes relating to crustal thickening, with examples from Scotland, the Alps, and elsewhere.

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High-pressure Metamorphism

Metamorphism in subduction zones. Characteristic minerals and assemblages of the blueschist and eclogite facies. Transformations, and evidence for the P-T-time…

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Partial Melting and Migmatites

Field and thin-section petrology of the partial melting process in high-grade crustal metamorphism, in both fluid-present and fluid-poor environments.

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Granulite-facies Metamorphism

Metamorphism on high thermal gradients. Examples of granulite-facies rocks and mineral assemblages. Evidence for P-T-time paths of high-temperature…

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