The Donkerhuk batholith

Petrography of the Donkerhuk granite, photos from the final day of the Granulites & Granulites post-conference excursion. This granite is emplaced along the boundary between Southern and the Central Zones of the Damara Belt, and shows evidence for the sheeted emplacement of small batches of melt
Donkerhuk granite landscape, stop 1 (W Donkerhuk) Pavement outcrop, stop 1 (W Donkerhuk)  Donkerhuk granite with narrow aplitic and pegmatitic veins trending NW-SE Pavement outcrop, stop 1 (W Donkerhuk)  Thicker pegmatitic vein in Donkerhuk granite Texture detail, stop 1  Homogeneous biotite granite Texture detail, stop 1  Small metasedimentary enclave
Texture detail, stop 1  Vein quartz xenolith and small metasedimentary enclave Stop 2, near Otjimbingwe  Google Earth view of exfoliated dome of Donkerhuk granite showing sheeted structure Pavement outcrop, stop 2 (Otjimbingwe)  Streaky banding trends NE-SW Texture detail, stop 2  Fabric defined by indistinct trails of mafic minerals and weak shape fabric of feldspars Texture detail, stop 2  Fine-grained granite
Stop 2 (Otjimbingwe)  Loose blocks of heterogeneous foliated granite with mafic schlieren Pavement outcrop, stop 2  Heterogeneous banded Donkerhuk granite. Discordant pegmatite at top of photo Texture detail, stop 2  Detail of biotite-rich schlieren with metamorphic texture Texture detail, stop 2  Dark band in partly weathered outcrop. Igneous-textured feldspar notable in central leucocratic band Texture detail, stop 2  Granite with thin biotite schlieren
Texture detail, stop 2  Weakly foliated biotite granite with scattered small K-feldspar phenocrysts, from homogeneous leucocratic layer Pavement outcrop, stop 2  Discontinuous veined metasedimentary rafts and schlieren Pavement outcrop, stop 2  Depression in outcrop reveals steep orientation of banding. View towards SW Pavement outcrop, stop 2  Rotated and sheared portion of partly-digested metasedimentary raft Pavement outcrop, stop 2  Veined xenolith of psammitic metasediment. Note that at least some of the veining is truncated by the fabric wrapping the xenolith
Texture detail, stop 2  Late, discordant vein of biotite pegmatite Pavement outcrop, stop 2  Lower contact of fine-grained leucogranite forming a late, discordant subhorizontal sheet