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Samples from the Everest Massif
Here are images of samples from the N side of Everest, collected by Lawrence Wager in 1933, and of suites from the S Col and Lhotse face, providing a fairly full picture of the microstructure and metamorphic grade variation across the Everest Series.

East Rongbuk Glacier to Lhakpa La
East Rongbuk Glacier to Lhakpa La  |  Total images: 34  |  Date added: 20.08.2008
These samples were collected from the ridge opposite Camp III that leads up to the Lhakpa La. Samples 148 and 149 are from fairly high on the ridge, above the pale layer (Wager's "limey band") that separates homogeneous dark schist above from banded and veined rocks below and which may mark the location of the Lhotse detachment. Sample 151 is from low down, beneath the pale band.
NE Ridge samples
NE Ridge samples  |  Total images: 37  |  Date added: 20.08.2008
These are the highest of Wager's samples from above the N Col. ME124 from limestone of the First Step, ME125 from the Yellow Band around Camp VI, and ME126 from interbanded marble and phyllite at the base of the Yellow Band, 8138m.
South Col samples
South Col samples  |  Total images: 25  |  Date added: 20.08.2008
Collected by David Hamilton on a 2003 summit expedition. 13 samples in all, including two from the summit limestones. Those pictured here are schists Nos 8-11 from the S Col 7891m (probably loose material) and calcareous schist No 7 from the rock bands on the Lhotse face around 7600-7700m.
Lhotse Face float samples
Lhotse Face float samples  |  Total images: 54  |  Date added: 20.08.2008
These samples were collected by Micah Jessup from loose material on the glaciers beneath the Lhotse-Nuptse south face. They represent a range of metamorphic grade through the Everest Series from lower garnet zone to sillimanite zone. These photos were made on a set of thin sections prepared in Oxford from Micah's original set of samples.
Wager's Rongbuk Valley samples
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Wager's Rongbuk Valley samples  |  Total images: 46  |  Date added: 11.10.2013
Images and petrographic notes on LR Wager's Rongbuk Valley collection, focussing on the deformational microstructures in granitic sheets and associated rocks of the South Tibetan Detachment zone.