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Dave Waters - Himalayan Petrography
Photomicrographs of Himalayan samples from current research projects

Tso Morari eclogitic rocks
Tso Morari eclogitic rocks  |  Total images: 85  |  Date added: 20.08.2008
Photomicrographs from thin sections of EC series and TS samples (HK Sachan)
Samples from the Everest Massif
Samples from the Everest Massif  |  Total images: 196  |  Date added: 20.08.2008
Here are images of samples from the N side of Everest, collected by Lawrence Wager in 1933, and of suites from the S Col and Lhotse face, providing a fairly full picture of the microstructure and metamorphic grade variation across the Everest Series.
STD traverse, Dzakaa Chu, Kharta region
STD traverse, Dzakaa Chu, Kharta region  |  Total images: 183  |  Date added: 20.08.2008
These images document the microstructures and assemblages across the South Tibetan Detachment system in the Dzakaa Chu section about 40km NNE of Mt Everest. Calcareous rocks are dominant. The samples are illustrated in sequence from the top (low grade) to the bottom of the section.
Gyachung Kang
Gyachung Kang  |  Total images: 3  |  Date added: 20.08.2008
A few photomicrographs of a sample from the summit of Gyachung Kang, NW of Everest - a dark limestone with fossil fragments comparable to that on Everest summit.
Brendan Dyck's Langtang Valley samples
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Brendan Dyck's Langtang Valley samples  |  Total images: 49  |  Date added: 11.10.2013
This set features the microstructures of migmatites and leucogranites from the upper part of the GHS.

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