In keeping with MDSG’s past meetings, we are planning a number of themed sessions that are topical, and reflect the blend of academic and industrial participation that characterizes our specialist group. The following sessions may be complemented by others, as determined by the range of papers received:-

1. Critical metal supply – a global perspective

Critical metals, such as the REE, PGE, W, Ta-Nb, Li, Be, In, Ga, Ge amongst others, remain the focus of considerable interest to the mineral resources industry, government and the academic community. We anticipate a major session, or sessions, dealing with diverse issues such as resources, metallogeny, mineralogy, and extractability of critical metals.

Keynote speakers: Frances Wall (Camborne); Judith Kinnaird (Wits); Reid Keays (Monash)

2. Exploration in difficult times

Some have described the current down-turn as the toughest ever – mining and exploration companies have had to resort to innovative ways of dealing with the exigencies of the time. This session will highlight new methods and techniques

3. The minerals industry – environmental and socio-economic challenges

The mining industry world-wide is beset with problems related to environmental and socio-economic issues – this session will showcase the wide-ranging issues that mining professionals need to deal with in the 21st Century

Key note speaker: Mike Harris (Rio Tinto)

4. Metallogeny of new jurisdictions

Remote regions and newly democratized countries offer a range of new opportunities for exploration and project development – this session will highlight case studies from countries/regions in SE Asia, East and Central Africa, etc.

Key note speaker: Andrew Mitchell (Consultant)

5. Ore deposit research in progress

Despite the downturn, research and teaching of economic geology in the UK and Europe is flourishing – this session will highlight presentations from people in academia and in industry who are carrying out research in any field of economic geology. The session may be subdivided thematically, and may also offer opportunities for more focused break-out sessions.

Key note speaker: Jamie Wilkinson (Imperial College)