Reading list for ISPET seminar

A short selection of classic and modern papers on the relationships between microstructure and mechanism in prograde metamorphic reactions.

Carmichael, D. M., 1969. On the mechanism of prograde metamorphic reactions in quartz-bearing pelitic rocks. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 20, 244-267.

Yardley, B. W. D., 1977. The nature and significance of the mechanism of sillimanite growth in the Connemara Schists, Ireland. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 65, 53-58.

Vernon, R.H., 1977. Relationships between microstructures and metamorphic assemblages. Tectonophysics, 39, 439-452.

Ridley, J. and Thompson, A. B., 1986. The role of mineral kinetics in the development of metamorphic microtextures. In: Fluid-rock interactions during metamorphism (Advances in Physical Geochemistry, Vol. 5), Walther, J. V. & Wood, B. J., Eds., Springer-Verlag, New York, 154-193.

Putnis, A., 2002. Mineral replacement reactions: from macroscopic observations to microscopic mechanisms. Mineralogical Magazine, 66, 689-708.

Waters, D.J. and Lovegrove, D.P., 2002. Assessing the extent of disequilibrium and overstepping of prograde metamorphic reactions in metapelites from the Bushveld aureole. Journal of Metamorphic Geology, 20, 135-149.

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Last modified 1 November 2003