ES2: Metamorphic Microstructures Slide Show

In Oxford this slide show is usually viewed in Netscape Navigator 3 on Windows 95 PCs. The images are JPEGs between 30 and 60 kilobytes in size.

Window size
The slide area is 600 by about 400 pixels (same as this page), so it should be possible to view it at 640 x 480 resolution without scrolling down if you make your browser window full-screen and hide the toolbars. It probably looks best on a 15" monitor at 800 x 600 resolution. At high resolutions, on the other hand, the slides look a bit small. Sorry about that.

The first-choice font is Comic Sans MS, an informal-looking font with good legibility which is downloadable from Microsoft (Windows or Mac) if you haven't got it already. If it's not installed, Arial or Helvetica will be substituted, and failing that you will see your browser's default font (which could well be too small for comfort - sorry again).

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DJW - August 1997