Earth Sciences 2 - Introduction to Metamorphic Rocks

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To deal efficiently with the interpretation of metamorphic rocks you need to be familiar with the compositions of rocks and minerals, with the diagnostic properties of the more common minerals, and with the terminology used to describe the minerals and microstructures. This needs plenty of practice and a certain amount of rote learning. To find out what sort of skills are involved, and to help consolidate your knowledge, try your hand at these Web-based quizzes.

There are five short quizzes, each with five questions.

  1. Metamorphic minerals
    Identify the mineral in the photomicrograph, choosing from a list of mineral names.
  2. Metamorphic facies
    Choose the right metamorphic facies from the P-T diagram.
  3. Metamorphic rock compositions
    The ACF diagram has several rock compositions plotted on it. Find the right one.
  4. Terms and definitions
    Match the correct term to the given definition.
  5. Metamorphic microstructures
    Choose the most appropriate term to describe the photomicrograph.

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