Madre de Dios Speleo 2008

Expedition Overview

Rarely visited, Madre de Dios and neighbouring islands are part of one of the harshest wilderness areas in the world where gale force winds and up to 8m of annual rain have sculpted a unique karst landscape of spectacular limestone rock formations. A small but experienced expedition will explore limestone coastal areas of Madre de Dios and neighbouring islands, in search of vital records of past climate captured in speleothems developed in this one of the most southerly karst regions on earth. The expedition will be based on a 70 foot yacht, “Ocean Tramp”, skippered by a scientist and adventurer with 20 years experience of the seas in this region. Using zodiacs to access the shore for periods of 1 to 5 days the expedition will explore and survey new caves and sample speleothems and cave waters for climate research. A film will aim to document the expedition bringing together the adventure, the wilderness, and the science.

Ocean Tramp.jpg