Prof Shamita Das

Professor of Earth Sciences

Research Theme
Tectonics, volcanoes and hazards

Research Area

Research Profile

I am a seismologist and received my doctorate at MIT in 1976. My research in earthquake studies has been conducted in several broad areas of observational and theoretical seismology over the last three decades. The major goal of the work is to understand the physics of the earthquake preparation and faulting process, and to predict expected motion at sites of engineering interest (the built environment) due to large earthquakes. The long-term goal is to prepare the physical basis for developing the capability to predict earthquakes, in future, if possible. Current research is focussed on the scaling of small to large earthquakes, study of very large submarine earthquake which cannot be studied by any other means such as GPS or SAR, and study of deep earthquakes and shapes of deep seismic zones along with its implications for mantle dynamics.

Recently, I have been working on great earthquakes in Sumatra, Antarctica, and Indonesia. I have served on the UK Government's Natural Hazards Working Group, set up by Sir David King, Chief Scientific Advisor to the UK Government. I am a Fellow of the American Geophysical Union.

Selected Publications (Complete Publications) (CV)

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