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May 2015

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Fri 1st May 2015
11:34am - 12:34pm
Trinity Term, Wk 1
The dynamics and evolution of terrestrial planets in our solar system and beyond
Professor Paul Tackley, ETH Zürich
Fri 8th May 2015
12pm - 1pm
Trinity Term, Wk 2
History of the Global Carbon Cycle and the Rise of Atmospheric Oxygen
Professor Daniel Schrag, Harvard University
Fri 15th May 2015
12pm - 1pm
Trinity Term, Wk 3
Creep or stick? What can geodesy tell us about fault dynamics and future earthquakes?
Professor Jean-Philippe Avouac, University of Cambridge
Fri 22nd May 2015
12pm - 1pm
Trinity Term, Wk 4
Crustal flow and exhumation of the deep crust
Professor Donna Whitney, University of Minnesota
Fri 29th May 2015
12pm - 1pm
Trinity Term, Wk 5
Ocean controls on abrupt climate change during the last deglaciation: evidence from deep-sea corals
Dr Laura Robinson, University of Bristol

Department News

Recent Awards

  • John Elliott awarded Lloyd's Research Prize

  • Congratulations to Dr Hugh Jenkyns on receiving the Capellini Medal of the Italian Geological Society for 2012

  • Congratulations to Sam Weatherley, who has won an Outstanding Student Poster award from the European Geosciences Union

  • Congratulations to Prof Ros Rickaby who has been awarded the Gast Lectureship